„KOINONEMA” The International Centre for Hellenic Studies is the institution established in 2008 at the Faculty of Languages of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń and dedicated to supporting research on the intellectual and material heritage of ancient and modern Greece, Cyprus and the centres of Hellenic diaspora. Its research scope also includes the reception of the Greek culture in Rome and Byzantium as well as its Nachleben in Western and Eastern Europe.

Furthermore, the Centre is engaged in research concerning aspects of the interaction between ancient Greek thought and the Mediterranean culture, the spiritual and intellectual grounds of such interaction and its scientific achievements. The ideological-cultural presuppositions as well as the practical manifestations of European philhellenism, the history of the Balkan Peninsula, the Greek national struggle for independence, the forces shaping the modern Greek nation-state and the evolution of its democratic institutions are also important issues within the range of the Institute’s interests.

In addition, the Centre for Hellenic Studies of the Nicolaus Copernicus University aims at popularising knowledge of modern Greece and contemporary Cyprus as well as the on-going discussion on perceptions of Greek identity throughout 28 centuries of Greek history from its beginnings in antiquity through subsequent periods of „decline and fall” into the various forms under which it has been reconstructed in modern times.

The Centre also collects material and builds up resources (literature, special collections, audiovisual resources, etc.) for academic, educational and teaching purposes. To the assignments of the Centre belong:

  • Inspiring, coordinating and carrying out academic work on the above-mentioned areas;

  • The internationalization of research and academic contacts, exchange of experience and making the results of academic activity known on a wide scale;

  • Creating informative and documentary collections and database;

  • Organizing conferences, symposiums, lectures, seminars and exhibitions.

  • Creating in Toruń centre for the study of the Greek and Cypriot culture;

  • Playing a leading role in educational activities connected with the Greek culture;

  • Publishing and promoting material relevant to its principal aims (KOINONEMATA).